Conference 2018: Real World Data โ€“ From theory to impact
09 Feb 2017

Synergus is in the process to establish an annual conference about Real World Data.

The aim with the conference is to create an international forum where academia, industry and decision makers meet to discuss how Real World Data is being used to create meaningful insights that have an impact.

The conference will have an insight of the great value of the unique Nordic data sets, and evidence for health care brought from these real world data.

The conference will be a non-profit event, where any revenue of the event will be used to provide scholarships for Medical Doctors who are in asylum process.

We are currently in the process to establish an advisory board for the conference that may help guide the development of the content from the following areas:

  • Academic research
  • HTA
  • Medical Product Agency
  • Industry
    • In Vitro Diagnostic
    • Medical Device
    • Pharmaceuticals

Please contact us is you are interested to participate in advisory board or if you have topics that you would like us to cover.