Synergus maintains its knowledge about reimbursement systems in a form of country reports in MS Word. All country reports have standard structure and a specific process behind to keep report up-to-date.

Typically, industry would acquire reports in a presentation format. In our experience we found it insufficient for our clients to get real understanding of how reimbursement systems work. With descriptive, well-articulated information in a MS Word reports it is possible to really understand processes and requirements in each country.

Synergus reimbursement overviews are the best way to become familiar with reimbursement systems in Europe.

Typical content for reimbursement overview includes:

  • Overview of health care system
    • Money flow in the system
  • Stakeholders
    • Payers/Commissioners
    • Policy makers
    • Regulators
    • Health technology assessment bodies
    • Supportive organizations
  • Clinical settings and types of care
  • Overview of payment system
    • Overview of diagnosis-related groups
      • Structure
      • Procedure coding
        • Nomenclature
        • Process of update
      • Process of update
    • Overview of reimbursement mechanisms
      • Overview of in-patient reimbursement for medical devices
      • Overview of out-patient reimbursement for medical devices
      • Overview of reimbursement for in-vitro diagnostics
    • The role of health technology assessment for reimbursement of medical devices
    • Overview of common reimbursement pathways
      • Common reimbursement pathways for in-patient procedures
      • Common reimbursement pathways for out-patient procedures
      • Common reimbursement pathways for in-vitro diagnostic tests
    • Drivers and barriers for adoption of medical technologies
    • Appendixes with detailed description of application process

Reports are provided in Acrobat PDF format.