Digital Health Reimbursement in Germany and Europe
05 Jun 2024, 16:00 CEST

Germany is a pioneer in establishing a national reimbursement system for digital solutions focused on patients through the DiGA and DIPA process.

In this webinar, the following topics will be covered:

  • European overview of digital health pathways and essential concepts to understand regarding reimbursement processes.  (Mattias)
  • The German DiGA and DIPA process. (Michael)
  • Lessons learnt from doing clinical trials for DiGA application.(Marc)

Michael Weisser, CEO AiM GmbH, has been working at AiM for more than 14 years, providing consultancy services to industry. His field of work comprises the reimbursement of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are based on the use of medical devices, including digital technologies. This involves research, processing and analysis of circumstances in various health and insurance systems in the European and German context and the subsequent derivation of market access strategies. In addition, Mr. Weisser accompanies the implementation of recommendations given for optimized market access. This refers to the compilation of reimbursement-related applications, evidence-based benefit dossiers and submissions to health care coverage authorities. Furthermore, he plans and holds international workshops as well as conference contributions related to the named topics. Mr. Weisser holds a Master equivalent degree in Economics from the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg (i. Brsg.), focusing on hospital management and social security systems.

Marc Kurepkat holds a doctorate in medicine and is a specialist in general medicine. He studied human medicine at the Free University of Berlin. Clinical training in internal medicine and geriatrics, work as an emergency physician, doctorate in infectiology. Outpatient clinical work to date. Has held leading positions in the health sector for more than 25 years. He has been associated with the IGES Group since 2001, first as COO of CSG, then as a consultant, and since May 2020 as CEO of CSG

His work focuses on real world data, chronic diseases and digital tools for research and care. Marc Kurepkat has been instrumental in the development of various chronic care programmes and digital health apps (DiGA).

Mattias Kyhlstedt is the CEO and founder of Synergus RWE, providing market access services in Western Europe and Real-World Evidence studies with some of the richest datasets in the world. He has an in-depth understanding of the pathways to reimbursement in Europe for Medical Devices and Digital Solutions and how to address the evidence requirements by different authorities best.